About Bio-Connect Diagnostics

Company Profile
Bio-Connect Diagnostics, formerly known as Nuclilab, is an experienced company specialized in the import and distribution of research diagnostics products from worldwide suppliers into The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg since 1976. As a valued customer you can rely on the technical skills and vast experience of our product specialists. If you have any questions or require any information about our products do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Bio-Connect Diagnostics is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Our customers are situated primarily in the medical and clinical research departments, as well as the life science research departments within universities, (academic) hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as semi-government research institutes in the Benelux countries.

Our offer
Bio-Connect Diagnostics offers an extensive range of diagnostic related products to be applied in the field of immunology, clinical chemistry, pathology, biochemistry, cell biology, neuroscience, microbiology, and many more. Many of our suppliers maintain a constant flow of new and innovative products that we offer to the diagnostic research community. We offer a wealth of experience in customer support.

The Bio-Connect Group has three divisions: Life Sciences, Diagnostics, and Services. Each division has specific product lines, suppliers, and expertise. Bio-Connect wants to be the premier source for all your product needs. You have the possibility to order all research products from one source and still benefit from the specific expertise within each division. It also enables us to maintain a more personal and direct approach towards our customers.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics
Bio-Connect Diagnostics is a rapidly expanding source for diagnostic (IVD-CE) and related products, such as: turbidimetry, ELISA, PCR, NGS, HTRF, and other assay kits. The research areas that are covered are: obesity, diabetes, metabolism, pathology, autoimmunity, toxicology, cancer, drug discovery, and many more.

Bio-Connect Life Sciences
Bio-Connect Life Sciences is a reliable partner in supplying life science reagents, such as: antibodies, arrays, biochemicals, enzymes, cell culture products (primary cells, media), body fluids, proteins, peptides, assay kits, PCR, DNA/RNA isolation/purification, and much more. The research areas we cover are: apoptosis, neuroscience, cancer research, cell signaling, epigenetics, oxidative stress, stem cell research, and many more.

Bio-Connect Services
Bio-Connect Services is a flexible supplier that offers products without official representation or distributor in the Benelux and other European countries. Bio-Connect Services is your partner for receiving these products without problems regarding customs clearance, foreign currencies, time differences, prepayments, and so on.

The Bio-Connect Group strives to be a one-stop-shop offering: good prices, better delivery times, and perfect service. Herewith we hope to support your research whenever and wherever you need it.

If you need additional information or if you would like to be contacted by one of our sales representatives, please contact us!

Bio-Connect is part of the European Bioscience Network (EBN). The European Bioscience Network is improving the speed and effectiveness of European market access for bioscience suppliers, utilizing the combined experience & knowledge of the best Life Science distributors in Europe. Visit the EBN website

The Bio-Connect Diagnostics Team
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