Altered concentrations of DKK1 and FGF23 in WNT1 and PLS3 osteoporosis

Recent advancements in genetic research have uncovered new forms of monogenic osteoporosis. Mutations in WNT1, encoding a WNT/β-catenin pathway ligand WNT1, and PLS3, encoding X chromosomally inherited plastin 3 (PLS3), both result in early-onset osteoporosis with prevalent fractures and disrupted bone metabolism. Data from a study by Mäkitie RE et al. indicate a link between PLS3 and DKK1 and WNT1 and FGF23 in bone metabolism (measured with Biomedica kits). Therefore, DKK1 and FGF23 may be clinically useful biomarkers for PLS3 and WNT1 osteoporosis, respectively.

Mäkitie RE, Kämpe A, Costantini A, Alm JJ, Magnusson P, Mäkitie O. Biomarkers in WNT1 and PLS3 osteoporosis: altered concentrations of DKK1 and FGF23. J Bone Miner Res. 2020;35(5):901-912.

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