HCG Combo Rapid Test, Ds

Catalog number: R1001S
Brand: CTK Biotech
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Product group: Assays
Category: Point of care / rapid test
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  CE Certification
UNSPSC: 41116205
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: The OnSite hCG Combo Rapid Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the early detection of pregnancy, by providing a quick direct visual test for the placental hormone, hCG in human serum, plasma and urine. It can be performed within 5-10 minutes by minimally skilled personnel, and without the use of laboratory equipment.

The OnSite hCG Combo Rapid Test is not intended for quantitative results, nor for over the counter (OTC) sales. It is intended to meet all requirements for yielding rapid, easily read, qualitative results for the purpose of early pregnancy detection via assay of hCG, a placental hormone that may be present in human serum, plasma or urine.

The hCG detection limit the OnSite hCG Combo Rapid Test is 12.5 mIU/mL in serum or plasma specimen, and 25 mIU/mL in urine specimen. It is designed for professional use only, and provides only preliminary analytical data. For a final diagnosis of pregnancy, a more specific alternative clinical method must be used to obtain a confirmed analytical result.
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Synonyms: R1001S; CTK Biotech