Renin (3rd Gen.) IRMA CT - 2x50 tubes

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Brand: CisBio Bioassays (Diagnostics)
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Product specifications for - Renin (3rd Gen.) IRMA CT - 2x50 tubes

Product group: Assays
Category: RIA
Radio-Activity: 360 kBq
Assay Sensitivity: Analytical sensitivity: 1 pg/mL
Functional sensitivity: 5 pg/mL
Assay Detection Range: 0 – 320 pg/mL (IRP 68/356 IU = CIS pg/mL x 1,8.10-6)
Datasheet: Datasheet
  CE Certification
UNSPSC: 42202602
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: The RENIN III GENERATION assay is a one step protocol taking 3 hours, and offering laboratories an attractive easy to use assay in comparison with plasma renin activity (PRA). Numerous studies demonstrated the good correlation between PRA and active renin, thus offering an easy conversion from PRA methods.

  • Assessment and follow-up of hypertensive patients
  • Differential diagnosis between primary and secondary hyperaldosteronism
  • Assessment of insufficient response to antihypertensive treatment
  • Diagnosis of unilateral stenosis of the renal artery
  • Detection of an ectopic production of renin in cases of cancer associated with hypertension
Safety information: 
UN Number: UN2910
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Synonyms: RENINE; Cisbio Bioassays