Human Titin N-Fragment (Urine) ELISA Kit ÔÇô IBL

Catalog number: 27900-96Well
Brand: IBL Japan
Packing: 96well
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Product specifications for - Human Titin N-Fragment (Urine) ELISA Kit ÔÇô IBL

Product group: Assays
Category: ELISA / EIA
Assay Sample Type: Urine
Assay Detection Range: 46.88 ~ 3000 pmol/L
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41116158
Form supplied: 1kit
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: Titin (connectin) is a protein that consists of 34,350 amino-acid and specifically expresses in a cross-striated muscle. The molecular weight of human titin is 3,816 kDa and it has been known that as the largest protein among of existing proteins in a living body. It is one of sarcomere structured protein that is a minimum unit of myofibrillary protein and it has a role as an elastic protein for recovering the length of shortened sarcomere by its contraction. It has been known that titin is cleaved by protein metabolic enzymes such as calpain and matrix metalloprotease if muscles are damaged. In fact, it has been confirmed that titin is dramatically cleaved in skeletal muscles of muscular dystrophy patients and various titin fragments are confirmed in blood and urine. It has been reported that the N fragment (26kDa) and the C fragment (12kDa) are especially increased in urine of muscular dystrophy patients and it is also suggested that it can be a candidate as a non-invasiveness biomarker for monitoring status of muscles. This ELISA kit can measure titin N fragment in human and rat urine. The control set is available for sale on request.
Additional information: 
Synonyms: 27900; IBL Japan; Titin N-Fragment Human, Rat ELISA
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