Bio-Connect Diagnostics offers a wide selection of CE-marked life science products like ELISAs, RIAs, gene clonality, translocation and mutation assays, (radiolabeled) peptides. Below you can find some of the suppliers that we represent which have products in this category. These standardized tests include standard operating procedures and guides.

The letters CE are the abbreviation of  "Communauté Européenne", French for "European Community". The CE-marking (EC-mark formally) is a mandatory marking for particular products sold within the European Economic Area (27 countries) since 1993. The CE-marking is also found on products sold outside the European Economic Area, because they were either produced in countries which have the European Economic Area as a prime market or they are products manufactured in the European Economic Area which have been exported. This makes the CE-marking recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area.

The CE-marking consists of the CE-logo and a four digit identification number and indicates the compliance with EU legislation of a product, wherever produced in the world. It is a statement that the product complies with EU safety, health or environmental requirements. It ensures the free movement of the product within the European market, it permits the withdrawal of the non-conforming products by customers and enforcement authorities and indicated that the product may be legally placed on the market.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to:
  • carry out the conformity assessment
  • set up the technical file
  • issue the EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  • affix CE-marking on a product


  • Gene mutation kits
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  • Bone metabolism ELISA kits
  • Cardiovascular ELISA kits
  • Oxidative stress ELISA kits
  • Nephrology and transplant ELISA kits
  • Lyme disease ELISA kits
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Cisbio Bioassays (Diagnostics)

  • ELISA kits
  • RIA kits
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  • PCR kits
  • PCR system
  • Extraction system
  • Isolation kits
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  • CE-marked gene clonality, translocation and mutation assays
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  • ELISA kits
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MP Biomedicals (Diagnostics)


  • ELISA kits
  • Rapid tests
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