CTK Biotech

CTK Biotech develops and manufactures innovative immunodiagnostic tools and point of care diagnostic test kits for the IVD community. Their IVD products allow medical professionals to quickly and accurately diagnose disease and meet patient needs. The simplicity and portability of their test kits make them ideally suited for use in a wide range of settings including remote locations and countries with large populations where complicated medical diagnostics are not readily available.

They invests heavily in research to develop new products in response to market demands and continuously improve their point of care tests. For each step of product development they have established a proficient pathway to convert scientific discoveries and the latest technologies into diagnostic solutions for use in the real world.

CTK Biotech offers ELISA kits and rapid tests for various disease categories such as: blood borne, hepatitis, hormone/neonatal, tropical/parasitic, gastrointestinal, and respiratory. Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies all these products in the Benelux. Please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions.

Major Product Lines:

  • ELISA kits
  • Rapid tests
  • Infectious diseases
For more information, please visit: ctkbiotech.com