DynaBlot Automatic & LabImage® LA

Full-Automation system for LINE Immuno Assays

The DynaBlot Automatic & LabImage® LA enables an easy and fully automated processing and evaluation (LIS compatible) of your immunoblots. The DynaBlot takes over the identification and dilution of the samples, all incubation and washing steps as well as detecting the strips using the built-in camera. The data are automatically transferred to the LabImage® LA software. The LabImage® LA allows the automatic recognition, combination & interpretation of the LINE immunoblots. LabImage® LA is able to communicate simultaneously with several Dynablot Automatics.
The completly automated strip analysis offers maximum standardization, which leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of medical diagnostic laboratories.


  • High walk-away capacity: Fully automated from sample to evaluation
  • Flexible: Simultaneous running of varied (but compatible) assays
  • Secure: Primary tubes bar code reader, possible connection to LIMS
  • User-friendly processing:
    - Integrated drying
    - Capacitance level detection
    - 8 peristaltic pumps for reagent dispensing
    - User-friendly soft– and hardware
    - Mixing during incubation by the strip plate rocking
    - Up to 44 positions in primary tubes rack
    - Primary-/secundary tubes
    - Minimum maintenance
    - Vacuum strip well aspiration, 4 l bottle– warning and alarm level checking
  • User-friendly evaluation:
    - Automatic detection, combination & interpretation
    - Different parameters and IgX-classes in one run
    - Joined analysis of IgG, IgM and IgA results
    - CE IVD marking

The VIROTECH LINE Immuno Assay Panel

Benefits of the VIROTECH LINE Test System:

  • Solid strips stabilised on a plastic foil
  • Sorted strips in a booklet
  • Clear strip numbering
  • Quality control on each strip
  • Identical incubation times (30´/30´/10´)
  • Test results after approx. 100 minutes
  • General components
  • Cut off control included in the kit and available separately
  • Easy interpretation
  • Positive and negative controls separately available

Brochure: DynaBlot Automatic & LabImage® LA

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