EXBIO is the leading manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and reagents for research and clinical applications with the focus on multi-color flow cytometry analysis of human cellular markers. Their comprehensive portfolio of more than 4,000 off-the-shelf products covers a diverse set of areas including hematology, immunology, cancer, stem cells, and cell biology. With the experienced cytometry experts and biotech engineers, EXBIO offers long-term validated antibody markers in the broad selection of fluorochrome conjugates.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics provides EXBIO products in the Benelux. Do you have questions about a specific product or are you unable to find a product, please contact our helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Antibodies
  • Proteins
  • Assay kits
  • Diagnostic products

Top products

Cat. No.Description
EXB0024Annexin V - FITC
PB-306-T100Mouse Monoclonal to CD21
PB-506-T100Mouse Monoclonal to CD22 / BL-CAM
T7-644-T100Mouse Monoclonal to CD64 / FcgammaRI
A7-235-T100Mouse Monoclonal to CD71 / Transferrin Receptor
11-690-C025Mouse Monoclonal to HLA-DR
11-292-C100Mouse Monoclonal to HLA-G
11-436-C100Mouse Monoclonal to HLA-G
PB-504-T100Mouse Monoclonal to Kappa light chains
EXB0018Propidium Iodide

For more information, please visit: www.exbio.cz