Technical Support

Our in-house Technical Support Team provides you with excellent service when you are looking for specific products, alternatives, documentation or need assistance with solving product related issues. Our Technical Support Specialists have a broad knowledge of life sciences and diagnostics because of their laboratory backgrounds. If they are not able to answer your questions directly they will work together with our extensive supplier network to provide you with the best possible assistance. This network also allows them to find the right product or alternative for your experiments. To maintain their high level of service, our specialists keep their knowledge up to date with frequent trainings about new products, innovations and the latest trends.

So if you have a technical question regarding one of the products from our widespread product range or need assistance with a product related issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send your request to techsupport(at) or dial +31 (0)26-326 4450.

About Laura & Rowana

Since the beginning of 2017 Laura is one of our Technical Support Specialists. She studied Biomolecular Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam and started her career as a Research Scientist developing sensitive molecular tests for detecting mutations in colorectal and lung cancer. After several years she switched to a company producing Sanger and NGS based HLA-typing kits. She became a Technical Support Specialist after initial R&D work and supported customers with using the products and provided training and education. In her spare time Laura likes to do several sports and is passionate about travelling and photography.

In September 2019 Laura was joined by Rowana. She studied as an all-round analyst at Rijn IJssel in Arnhem/Nijmegen and graduated in 2014. Her career started at a small familiar company specialized in pathology and immunohistochemistry related products. As an R&D analyst she produced and tested products for the immunohistochemistry like substrates, primary and secondary antibodies. In her leisure time she likes to walk in the forest, spend time with her friends and family or watch a movie.