LymphoTrack® Assays for the Illumina MiSeq®

LymphoTrack® RUO assays are offered as kits for either the Illumina MiSeq® or Ion PGM™ platforms
LymphoTrack® assays represent a significant improvement over existing clonality assays as they efficiently detect the majority of B- and T-cell gene rearrangements using a single multiplex master mix. At the same time, these assays identify the specific DNA sequence for each clonal gene rearrangement.

Therefore, these products have two important and complementary uses: they aid in the detection of initial clonal populations, and identify sequence information required to track those clones in subsequent samples.

The LymphoTrack multiplex master mixes are designed with Illumina adapters and 8-24 indices. This allows for a one-step PCR reaction and pooling of amplicons from several different samples for loading on the Illumina MiSeq® flow cell.

Key Benefits

• One-step PCR reaction for amplicon and library generation
• Configured with multiple indices for workflow flexibility
• Includes bioinformatics software for easy analysis and interpretation
• Unparalleled sensitivity of clonality detection

V-J Sequence Frequencies
 V-J Usage
V-J Sequence Frequencies. The LymphoTrack Bioinformatics Software provides a stacked bar graph depicting the relative frequencies for the 200 most common V - J rearrangements sequenced and identified in the sample.
 V-J Usage. In addition to the sequence frequency distribution, the LymphoTrack Bioinformatics Software also provides a 3D graph of relative usage frequencies of each of the V and J gene segments.

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
7-121-0039LymphoTrack IGH Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
7-121-0009LymphoTrack IGH Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
7-121-0019LymphoTrack IGH Assay Kit B - MiSeq40 rxn
7-121-0029LymphoTrack IGH Assay Kit C - MiSeq40 rxn
7-227-0009LymphoTrack TRG Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
7-227-0019LymphoTrack TRG Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
7-227-0029LymphoTrack TRG Assay Kit B - MiSeq40 rxn
7-227-0039LymphoTrack TRG Assay Kit C - MiSeq40 rxn
7-500-0029LymphoTrack IGH + TRG Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
7-500-0019LymphoTrack IGH + TRG Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
7-122-0009LymphoTrack IGK Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
7-122-0019LymphoTrack IGK Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
7-500-0009LymphoTrack MiSeq Software*1 CD
7-121-0059LymphoTrack IGH Somatic Hypermutation Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
7-121-0069LymphoTrack IGH Somatic Hypermutation Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
7-121-0079LymphoTrack IGH SHM MiSeq Software*1 CD

*only available with purchase of a LymphoTrack MiSeq Assay

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These products are sold for RESEARCH USE ONLY; not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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