LymphoTrack® Dx Assays for the Illumina MiSeq®

LymphoTrack® Dx assays represent a significant improvement over existing clonality assays as they efficiently detect the vast majority of B- and T-cell gene rearrangements using a single multiplex master mix. At the same time, these assays identify the specific DNA sequence for each clonal gene rearrangement.

Therefore, these products have two important and complementary uses: they aid in the detection of initial clonal populations, and identify sequence information required to track those clones in subsequent samples.

In addition, the LymphoTrack® Dx IGH FR1 Assay defines the extent of somatic hypermutation present in the IGHV gene of analyzed samples.

Invivoscribe’s LymphoTrack® Dx multiplex master mixes are designed with Illumina® adapters and up to 24 indices. This allows for a one-step PCR and pooling of amplicons from several different samples onto a single Illumina® MiSeq® flow cell.

Key Benefits

• One-step PCR for amplicon and library generation
• Identify, track, and assess mutation status of B- and T-cell gene rearrangements
• Sequence amplicons from any LymphoTrack® Dx kit together
• Included bioinformatics software for easy analysis and interpretation

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
9-121-0139LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR1/2/3 Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-121-0129LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR1/2/3 Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-121-0039LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR1 Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-121-0009LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR1 Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-121-0099LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR2 Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-121-0089LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR2 Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-121-0119LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR3 Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-121-0109LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR3 Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-121-0069LymphoTrack Dx IGHV Leader Somatic Hypermutation Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-121-0059LymphoTrack Dx IGHV Leader Somatic Hypermutation Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-122-0019LymphoTrack Dx IGK Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-122-0009LymphoTrack Dx IGK Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-227-0009LymphoTrack Dx TRG Assay Panel - MiSeq120 rxn
9-227-0019LymphoTrack Dx TRG Assay Kit A - MiSeq40 rxn
9-500-0009LymphoTrack Dx Software - MiSeq1 CD

*only available with purchase of a LymphoTrack Dx MiSeq Assay

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These products are CE-IVD assays for In Vitro diagnostic use.

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