LymphoTrack® Dx Assays

Invivoscribe’s LymphoTrack® Dx Assays are used to identify and track clonal lymphocyte populations. These CE-IVD assays, developed for use with the leading Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms, include optimized multiplex PCR master mixes with primers incorporating platform specific adapters and specimen tracking sequencing identification tags for a one-step PCR workflow. A comprehensive bioinformatics software package is provided free of charge with purchase; enabling you to identify the DNA sequence, clonal prevalence, V-J family identity for each gene rearrangements, and with the IGH assays, the extent of IGHV somatic hypermutation (SHM). With this state-of-the-art assay, the gene rearrangement status of several million lymphocytes in blood, bone marrow, or tissue samples can be both identified and characterized.

Key Benefits

• Intended for identification of clonality in suspected lymphoproliferations
• One-step PCR for amplicon and library generation
• Configured with up to 24 indices for workflow flexibility
• Positive and negative controls included in kits
• Included bioinformatics software for easy analysis and interpretation
• Intended for identification of clonality in suspected lymphoproliferations

Simple Workflow

• Single-step PCR for library preparation
• Standard MiSeq or PGM sequencing
• NGS data allows direct visualization and analysis of the prevalence and distribution of gene rearrangements sorted and identified by their DNA sequence
• Proprietary software facilitates easy interpretation and subsequent tracking of clonal populations

Multiplexing Capabilities

• Kits include up to 24 indices to increase workflow flexibility
• Designed with the ability to pool multiple targets in a single sequencing run
• Decreased testing costs
​• Increased throughput capabilities

LymphoTrack Dx Software

• Analyze raw FASTQ files
• Fast computing algorithm - an average of 90-120 seconds per sample
• Ability to analyze sequences from different targets at the same time
• Data is analyzed directly onsite without the need for an internet connection
• Results are auto-formatted into 7 different graphs and tables

Data Interpretation

• Easy clinical interpretation for the evidence of clonality
• ​DNA sequence, frequency, length, and family directly revealed
• Somatic Hypermutation status calculated from IGHV sequencing data
• Backed by clinical studies
• Clonal sequences can be tracked in subsequent samples

Illumina MiSeq® »»


Ion PGM® »»

The LymphoTrack Dx MiSeq master mixes are designed with 24 TruSeq indices and adapters for the Illumina MiSeq instrument, allowing one-step PCR, pooling of amplicons, and loading onto the flowcell.

LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR1 Assay - MiSeq
LymphoTrack Dx IGK Assay - MiSeq
LymphoTrack Dx TRG Assay - MiSeq

 The LymphoTrack Dx PGM master mixes are designed with 12 Ion Xpress™ indices and adapters for the Ion PGM instrument, allowing one-step PCR, pooling of amplicons, and loading onto the chip.

LymphoTrack Dx IGH FR1 Assay - PGM
LymphoTrack Dx IGK Assay - PGM
LymphoTrack Dx TRG Assay - PGM



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