LymphoTrack® Dx TRB Assay on MiSeq®

The LymphoTrack Dx TRB Assay - MiSeq® is an in vitro diagnostic product intended to identify and track clonal T-cell receptor (TRB) gene rearrangements using next-generation sequencing (NGS) on the Illumina® MiSeq®. This assay will determine the frequency distribution of TRB Vβ-Jβ gene rearrangements in patients suspected of having lymphoproliferative disease.

Testing for both TRG and TRB targets, increases the probability of clonality detection and combination analysis is highly recommended. Furthermore, all Invivoscribe's LymphoTrack Dx assays can be multiplexed within a single sequencing run to identify and assess suspected B-cell, T-cell and other lymphoid proliferations of unknown origin.1

Advantages of Invivoscribe’s LymphoTrack Dx Assays:

  • One-Step PCR Protocol. Generate libraries without separately adding adapters or indices.
  • Multiplex Samples. All LymphoTrack Dx - kits provide multiple indices allowing up to 24 (MiSeq) samples per target to be sequenced at the same time.
  • Multiplex Different Gene Targets PCR products from different Invivoscribe LymphoTrack Dx kits can be pooled into the same library and sequenced on the same flow cell to reduce per sample testing costs. Combining IGHV leader, IGH FR1/2/3, IGK, TRB and TRG LymphoTrack Dx kits allows up to 168 samples to be tested simultaneously on the MiSeq platforms.
  • Unparalleled Sensitivity. NGS methods offer unparalleled clonality detection with the ability to identify the specific sequence of clonal populations.
  • Interpretation and Reporting is made easy with interpretation criteria included in the LymphoTrack Dx Assays Instructions For Use (IFU).

The LymphoTrack Dx TRB Assay represents a significant improvement over fragment analysis test methods because in addition to detecting initial clonal populations, it also provides sequence information to track these clonal rearrangements in subsequent samples.

LymphoTrack Dx Assays provide a complete solution. Each kit includes reagents, LymphoTrack Dx software and Instructions for Use.

The LymphoTrack Dx TRB NGS-based assay provides high sensitivity results with a single multiplex master mix to target conserved V and J regions of the TRB gene locus described in lymphoid malignancies, thereby, reducing sample DNA requirements compared to gel and capillary methods and simplifying the testing workflow. The LymphoTrack Dx TRB master mix primers are designed with Illumina® adapters and 8 (Kit A) or 24 (Panel) different indices.

The accompanying LymphoTrack Dx Software is capable of sorting complex NGS data by gene target, offering a second layer of multiplexing. This provides users further opportunity to reduce testing costs per sample by sequencing amplicons from any LymphoTrack Dx MiSeq® Assay (e.g. TRB, TRG, IGH, IGK) at the same time.

Tests that detect TRB clonal rearrangements can be useful in the study of B- and T-cell malignancies, as leukemias and lymphomas usually proliferate from a malignant transformation of an individual lymphoid cell. The human TRB gene locus is on chromosome 7 (7q34) and it includes 65 Vβ (variable) gene segments, followed by two separate clusters of genes each containing a Dβ (diversity) gene, several Jβ (joining) genes, and a Cβ (constant) region spread over 685 kilobases. The two Cβ genes, TRBC1 and TRBC2, encode highly homologous products with no functional difference.2

Figure 1: Depicted are the variable (Vβ), diversity (Dβ), and joining (Jβ) gene rearrangements, in addition to the downstream consensus (Cβ) gene regions.

During lymphoid cell development, the antigen receptor genes undergo somatic gene rearrangements. Specifically, during T-cell development, genes encoding TRB molecules are assembled from multiple polymorphic gene segments that generate Vβ - Dβ - Jβ combinations that are unique in both length and sequence.3 Since leukemias and lymphomas generally share one or more cell-specific or “clonal” antigen receptor gene rearrangement, the LymphoTrack Dx TRB Assay can be used to both identify clonotype sequences and monitor their frequency distribution over time.


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Cat. No.
LymphoTrack® Dx TRB Assay Kit A - MiSeq®
8 indices - 5 sequencing reactions each
LymphoTrack® Dx TRB Assay Panel - MiSeq®
24 indices - 5 sequencing reactions each
LymphoTrack® Dx Software - MiSeq®
1 CD complimentary with purchase
LymphoTrack® MRD Software
1 CD complimentary with purchase

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