Mercodia Total GLP-1 NL-ELISA

We are proud to present the new Mercodia Total GLP-1 NL-ELISA, the first assay in their new chemiluminescent product line “Northern Lights”. The Total GLP-1 ELISA requires only 25 µL of human plasma and the dynamic range is 0.9-940 pmol/L, with excellent precision throughout the measurement range, allowing you to measure all samples, from fasting to elevated bariatric surgery samples, without dilution steps. The assay is also very sensitive, with an LLOQ of 1.0 pmol/L.

After stimulation, the amidated forms of GLP-1 rise, and is quickly metabolized to GLP-1 (9-36) amide. To get a good assessment of the total amount of GLP-1 you need to have a high cross reactivity to the most abundant metabolite of GLP-1 in the circulation, which is the (9-36) amide (Bak et al., 2014). In the Mercodia Total GLP-1 NL-ELISA) the cross reactivity to (9-36) amide is 100%.

As usual, the assay is based on monoclonal antibodies for minimal lot-to-lot variation and the assay is simultaneous with direct-conjugation of the detection antibodies, which means shorter incubation times and less background disturbance.
  • Excellent specificity to the most abundant GLP-1 isoforms
  • Broad measuring range, 0.9 – 940 pmol/L
  • Low sample volume, 25 µL
  • Chemiluminescent detection
  • Validated according to CLSI/FDA/EMA

Cat. No.
DescriptionSample Volume
25 μL
0.9 - 940 pmol/L

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