Our Divisions

In supporting your research the Bio-Connect Group wants to offer you a complete product package. For this reason we have created a new division under the name of Bio-Connect Diagnostics. We have joined forces with the company formerly known as Nuclilab. Their focus lies on diagnostics and with their knowledge and capabilities we can now offer customers a whole new segment of products with a high level of service and technical know-how.

The Bio-Connect Group now has three divisions to better serve our customers and become the premier source for all your product needs. The idea behind the three separate divisions is that customers have the possibility to order all their research products from one source and still benefit from the specific expertise within each division. It also enables us to maintain a more personal and direct approach towards our customers.

You can use our general contact information to reach all three divisions.

General contact information:
Bio-Connect B.V.
Begonialaan 3A
6851 TE Huissen
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)26 326 4450
E: info(at)bio-connect.nl

Please find below a short description of the three divisions and what their focus is.



Bio-Connect Diagnostics
Bio-Connect Diagnostics, formerly known as Nuclilab, is a rapidly expanding source for diagnostics related products. Research areas we cover are: obesity, diabetes, metabolism, pathology, autoimmune diseases, toxicology and many more. Bio-Connect Diagnostics is continuously working on creating a portfolio of brands and products to cover a wide area in diagnostics.

Questions? You can contact us at info(at)bio-connectdiagnostics.nl or call us at +31 (0)26 326 4460.
 Bio-Connect Life Sciences
Bio-Connect Life Sciences is a trustworthy partner in supplying life science reagents for years now. We strive for perfect service, good prices, and fast deliveries. Our assortment is focused on life science products, such as: antibodies, assay kits, microarrays, biochemicals, enzymes, media, peptides, primers and much more. Research areas we cover are: apoptosis, neuroscience, cancer research, cell signaling, epigenetics, expression systems, oxidative stress, stem cell research and many more. Please visit www.bio-connect.nl for more information.

Questions? You can contact us at info(at)bio-connect.nl or call us at +32 (0)26 326 4450.
 Bio-Connect Services
Bio-Connect Services helps you to obtain all your (bio-)chemicals and other laboratory products. We offer a quick and transparent solution to all your foreign product needs where there is no official representation. Our goal is to relieve you from work and make the ordering process easier and faster for you. Please visit www.bio-connectservices.nl for more information.

Questions? You can contact us at info(at)bio-connectservices.nl or call us at +31 (0)26 326 4450.