Bio-Connect Diagnostics has a large portfolio of products for medical screening and diagnostics, and strives to offer the researcher the most complete package in diagnostic life science reagents. Today, we represent over 40 suppliers and we have a portfolio of more than 300,000 products including CE and IVD marked products. Bio-Connect Diagnostics helps you to help others by supplying rapid-tests, ELISAs, radioactive products, disease related test kits, etc.

We have divided all products into product groups which you will find below. To help you to find the products you need more easily, we have created an advanced search engine where you can search on description, catalog number, CAS number or cloneID. You can narrow down your results by using the filters. Should you be unable to find your product, please fill out this form and we will find and quote you the product you need.

Because Bio-Connect Diagnostics wants to support your research the best we can we have made the ordering easy, simple and fast. Order through our website, fax your order to +31 (0)26 326 4461 or e-mail it to orders(at)

Bio-Connect offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of antibodies worldwide. See products »»
Arrays / Slides
Bio-Connect offers both frozen and paraffin tissue arrays, sections, panels, and matched pair sections suitable for many applications. See products »»
Within this product group you will find many: ELISAs, RIAs, ELISPOTs, protein detection assays, and many more assays. See products »»
Body Products
Within this product group you will find human biologicals that include normal and clinical (disease state) materials. See products »»
(Cell) Culture
Bio-Connect offers a unique range of human and animal primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, as well as optimized cell culture media. See products »»
Bio-Connect offers a wide range of chemicals that includes: biochemicals, click chemistry products, inhibitors, and many more. See products »»
DNA / RNA / Vectors
Within this product group we offer: cDNA, genomic DNA, total RNA, and mRNA extracted. See products »»
Labware / Accessories
Within this group we offer a variety of laboratory supplies including: homogenizers, mixers, shakers, pipets, tubes and more. See products »»
Lysates / Extracts
Bio-Connect offers lysates and extracts from a wide variety of cell lines and tissues from different species. See products »»
Molecular Biology
This product category contains products related to molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry techniques. See products »»
Proteins / Signaling Molecules
We offer native and recombinant proteins expressed and purified from bacterial, insect, and mammalian expression systems. See products »»
Technique Specific Products
To help you find products that belong to a specific technique more easily, we categorized some products by technique. See products »»