Salimetrics is widely regarded as a leader in salivary bioscience because in many instances, they pioneered the saliva collection methods, science, and assay technology that supports the field. Their saliva collection methods and salivary ELISA kits are designed around the science of saliva — tools you can trust to get reliable results in saliva for research and diagnostics.

Salimetrics supports thousands of saliva researchers worldwide. Their assays have been used in more saliva-related published papers than any other assay in the field.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies Salimetrics products in the Benelux. If you have any questions about a product, please contact our helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Saliva research assay kits
  • Saliva diagnostic assay kits
  • Collection methods
Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
1-260217 OH, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-1902Alpha/amylase, Kinetic Reaction Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-2902Androstenedione, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-1302Blood, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-3102Cortisol, (Expanded Range) EIA Kit (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-3002Cortisol, (Expanded Range) EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-2112Cotinine, EIA Kit (metabolite for nicotine) (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-2002Cotinine, EIA Kit (metabolite for nicotine) (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-2212DHEA, EIA Kit (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-1202DHEA, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-1252DHEA-S, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-4702Estradiol (E2), High Sensitivity EIA Kit (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-3702Estradiol (E2), High Sensitivity EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-2812Estriol (E3), EIA Kit (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-1802Estriol (E3), EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-3202Estrone (E1), EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-3902IL-1 Beta, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-3602IL-6, ELISA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-3402Melatonin, ELISA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-2502Progesterone, EIA Kit (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-1502Progesterone, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-1602Secretory IgA, EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-2312Testosterone, (Expanded Range) EIA Kit (Diagnostic)1 or 5 pack
1-2402Testosterone, (Expanded Range) EIA Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
1-3802Uric Acid, Enzymatic Assay Kit (Research)1 or 5 pack
5015.025cc Syringe125/pack
5023.05Cryostorage Box (2"" box)box
5004.02Cryovial, 2mL Blue25/pack
5004.03Cryovial, 2mL Green25/pack
5004.06Cryovial, 2mL Pink25/pack
5004.04Cryovial, 2mL Red25/pack
5004.01Cryovial, 2mL White25/pack
5004.05Cryovial, 2mL Yellow25/pack
5001.06Salimetrics Childrens Swab (SCS)50/pack
5001.02Salimetrics Oral Swab (SOS)50/pack
5016.02Saliva Collection Aid (SCA), Passive Drool50/pack
5001.08SalivaBio Infant's Swab (SIS)50/pack
5001.05Swab Storage Tube (SST)50/pack
5023.00Swab/Conical Tube Storage Box (4"" box)each

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“As a Salimetrics Center of Excellence Lab daacro’s Saliva Lab provides saliva testing services. The Saliva Lab was founded in 2013 and is located in Trier, Germany. We offer a wide array of saliva analyses with emphasis on stress- and sleep-research, as well as hormonal diagnostics and burnout together with comprehensive scientific advice. We have a close collaboration with the US-based company Salimetrics as well as with many distribution partners around Europe. Salimetrics is the leading commercial manufacturer of analytical methods for measuring biomarkers in saliva. Our collaboration links our many years of clinical stress research expertise with Salimetrics' extensive experience in the development of analytical methods for saliva testing. daacro's Saliva Lab Trier partners with many academic and industrial research projects and is happy to support you in planning and conducting your research. Whether questions on suitable biomarkers, the choice of the specific times points for sample collection or questions regarding sample collection itself, storage, shipping, our lab-team is ready to assist.”

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