Xiamen Spacegen Co.,Ltd concerned with the R&D, production and services of oncology precision medicine, provides the total solution products of automated molecular in vitro diagnostic kits for early screening, disease diagnosis, individual drug selection and efficacy monitoring. Spacegen has developed a number of individualized medical products based on next generation sequencing, real time PCR and other technology platforms. Spacegen can also provide NGS individualized customization service and sanger sequencing service.

There are two principle proprietary technologies of Spacegen, including ring-link capture library technology (RingCap®) for NGS library construction, and PAP-ARMS® (pyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization amplification refractory mutation system) combined the traditional ARMS technology with pyrophosphorolysis.

RingCap® needs only two steps sampling, two steps purification; from sample to library only needs 3.5 hours; and is suitable for both illumina and ion torrent platforms.

PAP-ARMS® has high sensitivity and strong specificity; takes only 90 minutes to complete the detection, and can be can be used in the ordinary fluorescence quantitative PCR platform.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies Spacegen products in the Benelux. Please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions.

Major product lines

  • Multiplex fluorescent PCR products
  • Sanger sequencing validation kits
  • NGS gene mutation detection kits
  • RT-PCR gene mutation detection kits
  • Digital-PCR gene mutation detection kits
  • Library construction kits
  • Gene customization service


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